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Being a small Regina, Saskatchewan law firm, the lawyers of MacKay & McLean give personal, professional attention to each of their clients; thus maximizing results all while minimizing cost. Their lawyers and front office staff take the time to talk to you so that you are comfortable with the process. More importantly, they take the time to listen to you.

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The team at MacKay & McLean is made up of skilled lawyers with years of experience, lawyers who know that providing personalized service is extremely important. Every situation that requires legal counsel is unique and every person requesting legal assistance comes to us with their own set of circumstances. We believe in taking the time to understand the needs of each client and ensure we provide accurate and relevant guidance.

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MacKay & McLean Regina offer full scale legal services to Saskatchewan. Our team of lawyers and legal professionals are equipped to help you with the legal aspects of purchasing a new home, to representing a client in personal injury case, through to criminal and family law.

Real Estate & Property Law

This includes real estate, conveyance, mortgages, chattel mortgages, wills & estates.

Family Law

Family law includes divorce and mediation, custody arrangements, and estate and wills. 

Criminal & Traffic Law

This includes charges pursuant to municipal law, the Canadian Criminal Code, and Traffic Safety legislation.

Commercial Law

 Commercial law includes organization, shareholder contracts, and commercial contracts.

Civil Law

Personal injury, estate litigation, construction litigation, debt collection, breach of contract, and situations of negligence and nuisance.

Debtor-Creditor Law

Debtor-Creditor law includes collection, promissory notes, general security agreements, and issues involving the Securities Commission.

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At MacKay & McLean, we are focused on offering the best solution to your needs and ensuring we provide excellent client service.

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Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to Our New Website

MacKay & McLean Are Happy to Announce Our  New Website Welcome to our new website! The Regina legal team at MacKay & McLean have just launched a brand new website!! When we knew it was time for an online refresh, we turned to the web development team...

Personal Residence – Capital Gains

Personal Residence – Capital Gains

MacKay & McLean Discuss Rules Around Paying Capital Gains on Property Questions often arise as to whether a one must pay capital gains on the sale of their property. The general rule is that one does NOT pay capital gains on the sale of their "personal" residence....

Transactions Time Frame

Transactions Time Frame

MacKay & McLean Share Advice on Timeline of Real Estate Transactions   Modern technology has increased the pace and speed with which a real estate transaction may unfold. Transactions Time Frame used to take six to eight weeks, but they can now, sometimes,...

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