MacKay & McLean Are Happy to Announce Our  New Website

Welcome to our new website! The Regina legal team at MacKay & McLean have just launched a brand new website!!

When we knew it was time for an online refresh, we turned to the web development team at Trusted Marketing Services to create a new look and feel for our site. They did a great job taking our brand and translating it into a new website. A site that is scalable for future growth as we continue to add more content to each of our services pages and share relevant and useful content.

MacKay & McLean Have the Legal Experience You Need

If you need legal guidance, the knowledgeable team at MacKay & McLean are here to help. We are well versed in various types of law including:

We know that it can be overwhelming to understand and navigate all of the complexities when you reqire legal guidance on a personal matter. While we have a combined impressive amount of experience on our team, one of our strengths is taking the time to work with each of our clients and make sure they understand the legal aspect of their situation. We believe in putting our clients first and providing them with exceptional service and attention.

If you want to get to know a bit about our team, read more on our About page and see the experienced lawyers and support staff who make up our firm.

We share relevant and timely information on our website’s new blog which you can follow under the Insights section of the new website. Here we explore topics surrounding all kinds of areas of law and share our insights and expertise on them.

As always, you first consultation with us is free, so don’t hesitate to reach out so we can meet you and determine what you need and how we can work together for you.